The Collection Edit - TROPICAL

The Collection Edit - TROPICAL

I have always felt a deep connection to the island life and the tropics, especially to the islands of the Pacific.

Earlier this year I was lucky enough to travel with my family to Fiji. I dreamed about this place from a young age and always waned to visit.

I was blown away by the culture, the nicest people and the incredible island life.

The Tropical collection was inspired by the must beautiful tropical views, it is just a small piece of how Fiji islands had let me feel; at home, in peace and very grateful for all the abundance of kindness. 




I hope this collection will bring peace into your space and inspired you to be kind with everything you do, just as the Fijian people had let me feel.

The collection from 5 watercolour paintings, all size A3 on high quality free acid watercolour paper. All of the artworks signed by the me. 

with love from the island.





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