Hi my name is Guy the artist and founder behind First Light Art, I grew up in Israel and traveled most of my childhood around the world. I moved to Australia after meeting my husband overseas and together we built a beautiful home on the Central Coast with our two little babies. 


I was always passionate about nature and the ocean in particularly, which had a big impact on my art and paintings throughout the years. 

I am mostly working with oil colours and watercolours, creating beautiful artworks inspired by the nature around me, the ocean, flowers and land.


All of the oil paintings and watercolour paintings you will find here are original artworks painted by me.

The prints are original paintings printed on an acid free, soft textured, 310gsm 100% cotton paper.


I aim to create a product that is beautiful from inside and out, always thinking about our planet and the ways we can minimise wastage and become a sustainable brand.

From the early stage of the artwork, to the printing and the packaging.


Feel free to email me about any further questions on firstlight.artworks@gmail.com